At HT CAREER, we understand that finding the right talent for your business is crucial for success. As a professional job recruitment company, we offer a range of services to streamline your hiring process and help you find exceptional candidates. Our Employer Information category provides valuable insights into the services we offer to employers.


Recruitment Services

Our recruitment services are designed to meet your unique hiring needs. With our efficient, personalised, and affordable approach, we consistently exceed client expectations. Our industry experience, reputation, and extensive candidate database enable us to deliver great people outcomes for your business.


Permanent Recruitment

Our comprehensive Permanent Recruitment service follows the traditional, full-service approach to hiring staff. It includes a range of services such as initial consultation, advertising, candidate referral, interview scheduling, reference checks, and a placement guarantee. Whether you are looking for permanent, contract, or executive roles, we have you covered. We list all job openings on various online job boards, as well as on our HT CAREER website and candidate newsletter.


Resume Short List

The Resume Short List service is specifically designed for situations where high volumes of applicants are expected. This service dramatically reduces the time and cost spent on advertising for roles and assessing candidate suitability. Our team will manage your campaign from drafting the advertisement to shortlisting suitable applicants. We provide only the information you require to make successful hiring decisions. Additionally, we offer a telephone interview service to further refine your search process. The cost of online advertising is included in the price, and your job listing will be featured on the HT CAREER website and in our candidate newsletter.


Temporary & Contract Employment Solutions

When your business experiences peak times or requires coverage for planned or unplanned leave, our Temporary & Contract employment solutions are here to assist. All our candidates are pre-screened and available for you to interview and assess prior to their assignment. We offer flexibility in our fee structure and provide discounts if candidates are offered full-time employment after the initial temporary or contract assignment.


Candidate Assessments & Profiling

To ensure you make the best hiring decisions, we offer Candidate Assessments & Profiling services. Interviews alone may not provide all the necessary information to assess a candidate’s suitability. By utilizing our collaboratively developed assessment methods, such as Ability & Aptitude, Work Skills, and Behavioural Style assessments, we provide a comprehensive profile of each candidate. Our assessments have been researched and developed by qualified psychologists, and HT CAREER is accredited to administer them. Candidate Assessments & Profiling can also be used for performance reviews and position changes within your organization, such as promotions.


At HT CAREER, we are dedicated to assisting you in finding the right talent for your business. Our Employer Information category showcases the range of services we offer, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your hiring goals.