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Membership Levels

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PTE 1 Month


Expires after: 1 Month
Starter Package -
$199 for 1 Month

Begin your PTE journey with our Starter Package, designed for self-learners who prefer flexibility and affordability.

Access our library of pre-recorded online videos, covering all sections of the PTE exam, for one month.

Dive into comprehensive study materials at your own pace and master essential strategies to tackle each section effectively.

Take control of your preparation and set yourself on the path to success with the Starter Package.
Courses included: 1
Featured courses quote included: 1

PTE 3 Months


Expires after: 3 Months
Standard Package - $299 for 3 Months

Take your PTE preparation to the next level with our Standard Package, offering extended access to our extensive collection of pre-recorded online videos for three months.

Immerse yourself in structured lessons covering all aspects of the PTE exam, from speaking and writing to reading and listening.

Benefit from the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere, and progress at your own rhythm.

With the Standard Package, you'll have the resources you need to confidently approach the PTE exam and achieve your desired score.
Courses included: 1
Featured courses quote included: 1

PTE 6 Months


Expires after: 6 Months
Premium Package - $399 for 6 Months

Invest in your PTE success with our Premium Package, providing six months of uninterrupted access to our premium pre-recorded online videos.

Dive deep into our comprehensive library of lessons, meticulously crafted to guide you through every facet of the PTE exam.

Develop your skills, refine your strategies, and build confidence in your abilities as you prepare for immigration, student visas, or sponsorship visas in Australia.

With the Premium Package, you'll have the time and resources to excel in the PTE exam and reach your goals.

Courses included: 1
Featured courses quote included: 1